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TRACSCAN 2.0 Information

TRACSCAN 2.0 Information

The exclusive distributor of the TRACSCAN 2.0,
the ultimate floor safety diagnostic tool.


The TRACSCAN 2.0 Tribometer is the ultimate tool for Safety and Facility Management professionals to monitor the traction levels of their walkways. Keeping an accurate record of your walkway traction demonstrates compliance with the nationally recognized walkway safety standards and commitment to comply with the best practices laid out by NFSI, ANSI and other relevant standards and methods.

Protect your business from unnecessary lawsuits and insurance claims by having the data to back up your safety record.

Increase the effectiveness of your Risk Management plan by implementing the TRACSCAN 2.0 into your regular walkway inspection procedure. After completing your routinely scheduled cleaning, simply test the floor to get a baseline reading of your floor’s traction level on a regular basis.  It’s as easy as the touch of a button!

The TRACSCAN 2.0 is the 6th generation
of robotic tribometers

originally engineered and manufactured

in Germany since 1990.

The TRACSCAN 2.0 tribometer’s unmatched precision, reliability and simplicity is suitable for use by experienced safety professionals, forensic engineers, ADA and building code compliance professionals and facility managers. Regular testing and accurate record-keeping are smart slip-and-fall prevention strategies with compliance to the best practices of the NFSI and ANSI standards and OSHA regulations. Protect your business from frivolous lawsuits by having the data to back up your defense.

The TRACSCAN 2.0 effortlessly analyzes your floors’ slip-resistance level and provides the data which is extremely valuable to quantify floor safety cleaning and monitoring programs in:

        • Commercial Buildings and Retail Stores
        • Hospitals and Medical Offices
        • Hotels, Resorts, Casinos & Cruise Lines
        • Nursing Homes and Senior Care
        • Public Buildings and Sidewalks

        • Supermarkets and Grocery Stores
        • Restaurants and Food Prep Areas
        • Schools and Universities
        • Plant and Manufacturing Facilities
        • Airports and Bus Terminals





Highlights of the TRACSCAN 2.0


  • Mobile, Rugged and Easy-to-Use with High Resolution Graphic Color Display
  • Unparalleled Versatility—Pre-Programmed with 5 Popular Test Methods and Related Measurement Scales
  • Wet and Dry Measurement (SCOF and DCOF)
    1. NFSI B101.3 (DCOF)
    2. NFSI B101.1 (SCOF)
    3. ANSI A326.3 (DCOF)
    4. James Machine Method (SCOF)
    5. German Ramp Method (SCOF)
  • FREE Lifetime Software Updates
  • NFSI-Approved Tribometer (National Floor Safety Institute)
  • High-Speed Thermo-Printer for Immediate Results
  • 1 Year Warranty Included

TRACSCAN 2.0 Hardware/Software Features & Benefits:

  • Technology Leader– Engineering expertise goes back 30 years to the beginning of the first self-propelled, drag-sled tribometer in Germany, where it was created.
  • Internally re-designed with modules that can be easily replaced without sending to the manufacture, thus reducing maintenance costs, shipping costs and down times.
  • The mechanics and the motor for the “lifting and lowering” have been enhanced for more ruggedness. Unlike other drag sled tribometers that are notorious for broken strain gauges, our strain gauge is the highest quality and precision.
  • 24-bit resolution of the AD converter for force measurement.
  • Smart Test Foot—Includes multiple sensors for: temperature, air pressure, humidity and incline (slope).
  • USB power bank (used with conventional cell phones) can be connected during operation, extending the operation time. Portable Battery Pack Power Banks can be purchased anywhere you buy a laptop or conventional cell phone.
  • The advanced and newly integrated calibration method used with the TRACSCAN 2.0, utilizes multiple calibration joints. The tracking force and the tensile force on the test foot are examined at the same time. The relevant measured variables of the calibration process can be traced back to national standards. The calibration results are interpolated to give more accurate and reproducible results of the readings.

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